About The Lloyd Fraser Group

Lloyd Fraser - A Logistics Company in UK which exists to provide high quality logistics at competitive rates.

We already generate in excess of £50m revenue, with 20 sites across the UK employing 550 people and operating in excess of 500 vehicles. We are market leaders in 3rd party logistics and have been for 25 years now with the flexibility to serve customer requirements of any scale and sector.

Lloyd Fraser as a logistics company has extensive experience in both the warehousing and distribution of a vast range of products and experience in a variety of market sectors. We are a client driven company offering services to diversified sectors including food logistics, fashion logistics, bulk liquids, FMCG and all types of network solutions.

Our experience with our clients has led to expertise in providing a range of flexible supply chain solutions that address key business issues including outbound logistics, national warehousing, managed regional distribution centres and consolidation of inbound goods.

We offer our services for short term and long term requirements and are confident that whatever your distribution needs, Lloyd Fraser can fulfil them.


We have both world-class capability and a track record that is the envy of the industry but don't just take our word for it -Lloyd Fraser is aquality assured logistics company so you will always know that your supply chain is in the best possible hands.