Lloyd Fraser is appreciably different as a third party logistics provider - we strive for sustainable relationships with our customers rather than fast profits.

Our future lies in doing what we have always been good at - providing the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost to operate.  It is our aim to be known for our exceptional capability to go beyond service and cost and provide the extra ingredient of 'continuous improvement as a habit and lifestyle' without being asked.

Freedom within a Framework!

For colleagues means:

  • You know what a good job looks like
  • Not expecting or waiting to be told what to do
  • Taking personal responsibility for improving the job by learning new things
  • The opportunity to raise difficult issues and make suggestions to improve the organisation

For clients it means:

  • We have the expertise to deliver and flex the end to end logistics service to your long and short term requirements
  • You have a cost efficient and reliable service through fully engaged people
  • Proven reliability of service
  • The ability and willingness to go the extra mile without quibble
  • To do what the client wants rather than what has been done to date