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Lloyd Fraser Awards Fashionable Contract to Ryder

Date: 5/15/2012

The fashion logistics division of the Lloyd Fraser Group has awarded a contract for 45 rigids and 10 x 44 tonne tractor units to Ryder as a result of them winning a major 3PL contract with a Top 5 fashion house.

Sixteen DAF LF 7.5 tonne and 29 CF 18 tonne box trucks with tail lifts will be used on scheduled multi-drop nationwide delivery runs, whilst 10 Renault Premium 44 tonne tractor units are added into the fleet operating an overnight trunk service between the company's five hubs.

"We've built up a great relationship with Ryder over the years and already had a number of trucks on long term rental," comments Catherine Sharp, Lloyd Fraser's divisional director. "However, for this operation we put the business out to competitive tender as part of a  benchmarking process to ensure that we were getting the best value for money.

"We awarded the deal to Ryder on a five year basis; not only because it was the most cost-effective, but because of the unrivalled level of service being provided.  On a contract of this size and importance the continuity of service is key.  So, missing a delivery schedule is just not an option for us and we've built a level of trust with Ryder that whatever problems we have or whatever peaks of demand we incur, no matter how late in the day, they will always come up with a solution.

"The nature of the fashion business is such that demand is constantly fluctuating, so another key reason for choosing Ryder is that short-term rental is a massive part of our business.  We often get additional vehicle requirements thrown at us late in the day and Ryder has always been able to supply us with extra trucks to meet these demands.

"The final reason for choosing Ryder was that they listened to our concerns about vehicle load security issues, especially in view of our policy of zero tolerance of theft from loads. With most of our vehicles operating city centre multi-drop runs Ryder suggested fitting all trucks with  high security slam locks.  As a result, theft has been totally eliminated which is great for our ongoing customer relationship."

Robin White, sales and marketing director at Ryder, adds "This deal typifies the Ryder flexible approach to ensuring that the customer gets exactly the right vehicles for the job and that the follow-up and on-going levels of support of the highest level. An increasing number of businesses are sensibly going down the long term rental route before committing to contract  hire and this gives us the perfect opportunity to build a relationship based on the quality of service delivery."


Notes to Editors

About The Lloyd Fraser Group

The Lloyd Fraser Group is a private limited company providing quality third party logistics at competitive rates employing over 500 staff operating out of 20 sites nationwide.

We believe we can make Lloyd Fraser appreciably different by working together to deliver what we promise, act with integrity and respect and look for continuous improvements. Our business is not driven by the needs of external shareholders and we understand that to compete amongst much larger competitors we must offer a more innovative solution at a better cost. We strive for sustainable relationships with customers rather than fast profits.

The strategic vision of the company means that we are developing and winning new business in our key vertical markets. The Group has highlighted key areas where we can differentiate our product offering and are constantly monitoring our value propositions. This strategic vision is driving the organisation forward and we expect significant growth in the near future.

Lloyd Fraser's services benefit customers in a broad range of market sectors and we work alongside some very high profile businesses.

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