Bulk Liquid Distribution

With an extensive nationwide tanker fleet and expertise that is unsurpassed within the industry, Lloyd Fraser is firmly established as a market leading transporter of bulk liquid milk.

Our liquid transport solutions have been continually honed over three decades and provide customers with a uniquely reliable, quality assured range of services. Our drivers are also carefully selected and are able to forge close working relationships with farmers and other core producers. At the point of collection, they undertake testing to ensure that every consignment is the correct temperature and free from contaminants.

Once collected, milk and other bulk liquid products are swiftly and safely distributed throughout the supply chain.   

Our bulk liquid logistics solutions offer:

  • The benefit of unrivalled expertise that has been developed since 1994.
  • On-site testing and downloading of results before product is taken away to maintain the highest levels of hygiene and safety.
  • Fast delivery to manufacturers and processors before bulk liquid products can deteriorate.