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Lloyd Fraser COVID 19 Risk Assessment Statement May 2020

As a company we continue to closely monitor developments with respect to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), taking guidance from the World Health Organisation and other public health organisations. We have implemented measures to ensure the safety and wellness of our employees including travel restrictions, reviewing business continuity plans, prudently evaluating the need for or attendance at group gatherings and working to implement visitor guidelines for those coming to our locations. Wherever possible and feasible, staff have been enabled to work from home. External communication to our clients, suppliers and contractors is under daily review.

We have company COVID 19 Risk Assessments in place and these are monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing compliance and adherence to safe working practice.

Whilst we already have strict hygiene practices in operation, we have taken steps to update colleagues on advice from the government and reinforce preventative measures in order to limit the risk of transmission. Focus has been very much upon ensuring close attention is paid to personal hygiene, the washing of hands and the exposure to anyone displaying cough/cold symptoms is limited. All staff that have been advised by a medical professional to self-isolate have been instructed to notify their line manager through their normal reporting channels. To date we have four colleagues in this category.

Social distancing measures are in place at our sites with signage in place to remind employees and potential visitors alike to abide by them. Limitations are set to reduce the risk of contact in communal areas in conjunction with staggered shift starts and break times.

Suitable PPE relating to conditions has been assessed and is being utilised by colleagues across the business. This includes those making deliveries at customer premises where local guidelines will also be adhered to.

With many countries now having been affected by the virus, we have responded by introducing a return to work procedure for those who have been away on holiday to work alongside our return to work procedure for sickness. Managers are being updated on a regular basis regarding overseas destinations that are of concern and remain vigilant to staff displaying any symptoms of the virus or are known to have encounter it.

We will update communications as COVID 19 impacts change and we learn of differing H & S contingency planning requirements.

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