Inter-Store Transfers

The concept of inter-store transfers can put any business on edge, however, Lloyd Fraser takes the hassle out of the entire process putting our customers at complete ease.

Through our established logistics channel, Lloyd Fraser can eliminate the need to send store transfers back to a storage warehouse before distributing out to another store. We handle thousands of inter-store transfers a day, collecting and delivering products to clients throughout the UK. Our drivers collect items from the store before taking them to a local Lloyd Fraser depot. They are then re-issued to the required stores quickly and cost-effectively. We use cutting-edge technology to provide product visibility from collection through to the end delivery point. Our IT systems, in conjunction with our reliable inter-store transfer solutions, offer an effective way to move stock from store-to-store, ensuring our customers have the right product in the right place in the quickest time.

  • Inter-store transfer for a quick and easy delivery solution
  • Elimination of delivery back to the main warehouse
  • Thousands of transfers handled every day
  • Trained and qualified drivers for unobtrusive collection and delivery
  • Cutting-edge IT systems for reliable track and trace

What Our Clients Say

“It’s rare that you come across standout services like Lloyd Fraser. I have been working with them for over a year. Above all I am particularly impressed by Lloyd Fraser's ability to handle the toughest job - effortlessly. Lloyd Fraser earns my highest recommendation.”

Dawid Krzak, Customer Solutions Coordinator, Bleckmann Supply Chain

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